Poetry minute


Here’s a little something from my friend Malcolm. He writes poetry, and creates music. I like to share a little of what he does. Along the way, i will share more poetry from different artists and kind souls. If you have something that you are really proud of, send it to me, and i’ll publish it.

His facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/MalcolmsGuitarLessons?fref=ts

image malcolm

Lessons in Letting Go

You slip

You slip down a deeper well than you thought possible

Descending, pretending you’re still somehow in control

But at the bottom, the waves crash and the silence rings

Forevermore you’ll slip, never knowing where you’re going

 Never knowing where you’ll end up

And unsure of how you started slipping in the first place

You grasp. It’s all you can do. The fear is too much, so you grasp.

Sooner or later, though, you’ll find

That what you’re grasping on to

Is also slipping. It’s slipping with you.

And nothing around you is set. It all slips with you.

Faster and faster, till you have no bearings

Always fearing the water and dead silence

You try to escape. Plausible and impossible.

There’s nothing left for you to do

You fear the bottom

You fear the outcome

So much that you forget you’re even falling

You forget. Everything is stagnant

But you’re still falling

Everything is changing

Everything is moving

You are moving

You are changing

And when you’re done falling

Everything stops.


And you realize.

You realize that you were the well

All along. You were the well.

You are the well.



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